Friday, February 1, 2013

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Clipboard

Clipboard allows you to copy and then paste entire pattern track, one measure (part of measure) or single cell.

You can paste clipboard content in any other pattern in the same project or any other project. The clipboard stores the last copied content while the application is running.

Copy and paste pattern entire pattern track. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit pattern] - Track title - [Copy track] and [Paste track]

When the pasted content doesn't match the current track, it will be converted to match to the type of track.

Copy measure or specified area of measure. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit pattern] - Cell - [Copy measure] and [Paste measure]

When you copy measure you can specify entire measure or select area of measure that will be copied to clipboard. When you click button "Copy measure" appear the panel for selecting area. Select area (or entire measure) and click "Copy" to complete.

When you paste measure the content of clipboard will be inserted into the current measure from position of current cell (cell pointer).

Also you can copy and paste single cell. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit cell] - Cell - [Copy last] and [Paste last]

This clipboard named "Last note" (in "Edit cell" and "Keyboard" mode) and used not only for paste operation but also for setting velocity and gate time for new events entering from the internal keyboard (in "Keyboard" mode).

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