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MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Song playback

You can start playback of current project song in "Transport" mode. Path:

[Song] - [Transport]


Control panel buttons:

[Set BPM] - Set current BPM for song. In status line after BPM value displayed synchronization status:

  • Int - Internal sync mode (MIDI sync can send to external devices/applications).
  • Ext - Sync with external MIDI clock source. Number shows external BPM.
  • Non - External sync is lost or missing.
  • Err - External sync out of range (30 - 240 BPM) or not stable. Sometimes it may appear at the beginning of sync.

Hint: BPM value for song can differ from BPM of patterns that song contains. When you add first pattern to empty song BPM will set to the pattern BPM value. All next added patterns will not changing this value.

[Rewind] - Returns playback pointer to beginning of song. Also you can use it during playback.

When the "Loop mode" is enabled the "Rewind" button will returns playback pointer to "In" marker position if pointer located after it, or to beginnnig of song if before. Next clicks will toggle the pointer between beginning of song and "In" marker.

[Play] - Playback of current song. Indicator on "Play" button shows that current song is playing.

Hint: By default playback of song starts from beginning. You can change this mode to start playback from current pointer position. These options are located in pattern editor settings. Path:

[Settings] - [Pattern editor]

When the "Loop mode" is enabled the "Play" button will starts playback from "In" marker position if pointer located after it. If playback pointer located before "In" marker playback will starts from beginning of song (by default) or from current location of pointer. After reaching the "Out" marker playback will continue from "In" marker.

[Stop] - Stops playback.

[Loop mode] - This mode allows play song in loop between "In" and "Out" markers. Indicator on this button shows that current mode is active.

[Set In] - Set "In" marker in current location of pointer.

[Set Out] - Set "Out" marker in current location of pointer.

Hint: During playing you can use Mute ("M") and Solo ("S") buttons at the end of each track to switching off playback one or several song tracks - Mute mode, or play only one song track - Solo mode.

Song length and last step:

You can set song length and last step for all song patterns in "Song settings" section. Path:

[Song] - [Transport] - Track title - [Song settings]

"Measure last step" parameter defines last step (last cell) for each measure of song. If this checkbox is set the "Last step" value will be taken from the first pattern added to empty song. All next added patterns will not changing this value and will be used current value.

You can define "Last step" for entire song manually by switching off checkbox.

More details about "Last measure" see in section "Pattern settings". Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Pattern settings]

"Last measure" option defines total measure for playback. Playback of song will be stopped after last measure.

By default this value will be calculated automatically in depending of last used measure cell in the song. You can set this value manually by switching off checkbox.

Please note: Song playback pointer and "In"/"Out" markers can't be placed after last measure.

Transport MIDI commands:

When starting and stopping playback the sequencer can send transport MIDI commands (Start/Stop/Continue) to external devices or applications. For that the sequencer should be in internal sync mode and option "Send transport" should be enable. Path:

[Settings] - [Pattern editor]

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