Friday, February 1, 2013

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Editing automation

Before creating automation you need enable automation events for track and make setting of automation parameters. To setting automation parameters click on track title in "Transport" mode then click on "Automation" button. Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Automation]

To set automation event you need switch to "Edit cell" mode, select the pattern cell for which automation event will be assigned and click button "CC on/off" to set automation event in current value or click button "CC set value" to assign and edit event. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit cell] - Cell - [CC on/off] or [CC set value]

Automation value also will be changing (or will be added) by changing external controller that assigned for current track automation (see automation settings).

To clear automation event click button "CC on/off" for cell which event placed.

Hint: When automation and note events placed in the same cell MIDI messages are sent for automation controller first and then for note.

When select entire track you can change (shift) all of automation events for current track. For that click button "CC change" in "Edit cell" mode. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit cell] - Track title - [CC change]

All of automation values will increase or decrease at changing offset value. In order to leave automation without changing set the offset value to 0 before close edit panel.

Real time recording:

For recording external controller real time in "Transport" mode click button "Real time record" then select the track for recording automation and click button "Play pattern". All changing external controller will be recorded. But before you need to make setting track automation parameters, assign external controller (see "Learn" mode) and set MIDI input. Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Automation] - [Learn]

[Settings] - [MIDI input]

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