Friday, February 1, 2013

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Experiments

If you are looking for new ways of your creativity try some advanced features of sequencer for experiments with rhythmic patterns.

First, the sequencer can playback correctly several patterns together even if they have different length and time signature (last step). Create several of such patterns and you can get a long and not repeating sequence.

You can specify the pattern length and last step in "Pattern settings". Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Pattern settings]

Second, you can use "Shift clock" function to change start clock of events and clocks in gate time. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit cell] - Track title or Cell - [Shift clock]

With this function you can adding a "Swing" (or "Shuffle") to the track or go even further and shift first clock randomly for each event or with specified step.


Also use the track automation to change parameters of sound during pattern playback. Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Automation]

Maybe at first try it will sounds very unusual or even horrible but if you ready to experiments, try to use these functions to create new rhythms and perhaps even melodies.

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