Monday, March 18, 2013

New version 1.3 has been released

Whats new in this version:

  • Last step option allows set length of measures to define Time signature other than 4/4.
  • For song possible to set In/Out markers and use loop playback mode.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.

MIDI Pattern Sequencer manual was updated.

Know more about features for experiments with rhythmic patterns.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Colors of sequencer

More details about sequencer see in manual.

New upcoming version 1.3 almost ready. Can set Last step from 5 to 16 in each measure of pattern. It's allows set the time signature other than 4/4. Also added song In/Out markers and loop playback mode.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

New version 1.2 has been released

New version 1.2 already available in App Store! Many new, advanced features. One more step to perfection :) Here is a list:

  • MIDI presets can set initial parameters for tracks such as Bank/Program and CC/RPN/NRPN controllers (learn mode available).
  • Presets can be sent at start of playback/recording or at selecting pattern/song or sent at any time using hotkey.
  • Hotkeys panel is available in any mode with buttons Start/Stop playback, Send presets, Clear track, Clear automation.
  • Hotkey to lock external input to prevent unintended changing pattern notes and automation.
  • Export complete song or individual patterns to MIDI files (include automation).
  • Possibility upload and download complete project files to copy on another iPad or backup.
  • Access through any Web browser to MIDI and project files in local WiFi network.
  • Copying entire measure or defined area to clipboard and paste in specified position.
  • Changing number of patterns in project and song pages (increase). 
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Also manual on this site was updated.

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