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MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Pattern playback and record

You can start playback or record a pattern in "Transport" mode. Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport]


Control panel buttons:

[Set BPM] - Set current BPM which is common for all patterns. In status line after BPM value displayed synchronization status:

  • Int - Internal sync mode (MIDI sync can send to external devices/applications).
  • Ext - Sync with external MIDI clock source. Number shows external BPM.
  • Non - External sync is lost or missing.
  • Err - External sync out of range (30 - 240 BPM) or not stable. Sometimes it may appear at the beginning of sync.

[Real time record] - Sets recording mode for current pattern. For start recording select the track and click "Play pattern" or "Play all". All incoming events from external device/application or internal keyboard will be recorded in current track. Playback loop is defined by "Last step" and "Last measure" parameters. Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Pattern settings]

To specify external source of MIDI events for recording select input MIDI channel and device. Path:

[Settings] - [MIDI input]

[Rewind] - Returns playback pointer to beginning of pattern. Also you can use it during playback.

[Play pattern] - Playback of current pattern. You can start and stop playing the current pattern during playback of other patterns. When other patterns play the current pattern starts from current position of pointer.

Indicator on "Play pattern" button shows that current pattern is playing.

[Stop pattern] - Stops playback of current pattern but not affected on other patterns.

[Play all] - Starts playback of all patterns together. Indicator on this button will flash when play not all patterns. And will ON when play all patterns.

Hint: Playback of single pattern or all patterns at once by default starts from beginning of pattern. You can set mode when playback start from current pointer position. These options are located in pattern editor settings. Path:

[Settings] - [Pattern editor]

[Stop all] - Stops playback of all patterns.

Hint: During playing you can use Mute ("M") and Solo ("S") buttons at the end of each track to switching off playback one or several tracks - Mute mode, or play only one track - Solo mode.

Transport MIDI commands:

When starting and stopping playback the sequencer can send transport MIDI commands (Start/Stop/Continue) to external devices or applications. For that the sequencer should be in internal sync mode and option "Send transport" should be enable. Path:

[Settings] - [Pattern editor]

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