Friday, February 1, 2013

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Editing drum tracks

For pattern tracks defined for drum events possible the quick edit mode. Click on "Quick edit" button to set this mode. In this mode click on drum cell will be set or reset event. Path:

[Pattern] - [Keyboard] - Track title or cell (drum type) - [Quick edit]


In normal mode drum events in current beat (bar) will be set or reset by click on one of pad buttons which assigned for each track.

Play mode:

Clicking on drum pads when select entire track will be sending MIDI messages to output but not changing events in drum track.

Accent drum events:

To accent event click "Accent" button then drum pad or cell in quick edit mode. If the cell was empty accented event will be set or current event will be accented if it is not accented before. Accent mode will be reset after setting the event.

To accent or clear accent for all drum track events click on track title to select entire track and switch to "Edit cell" mode. In this mode button "Set accent" will be set or clear accent for all track events.

Accent or velocity:

Accented or normal event differ by velocity value. In most case it is sufficient to use normal drum events and accented some. But if necessary possible to extend velocity variations. For that set the checkbox "Use velocity for drum events" in "Track events" settings. In this mode can change velocity for individual events or change velocity for all events of the track. Path:

[Pattern] - [Transport] - Track title - [Track events]

"Track events" settings also define fixed velocity values for normal and accented events. These settings are individual for each track and pattern.

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