Friday, February 1, 2013

MIDI Pattern Sequencer - Manual - Shift clock

This operation provides a convenient way to change start clock of events and clocks in gate time. Path:

[Pattern] - [Edit cell] - Track title or Cell - [Shift clock]

Each event in pattern divides on 6 clocks (values 0 to 5). Start clock defines shifting time of event from beginning of current beat (bar). By default it is 0 (no shift).

Gate time defines duration of events and measured in cells (from 0 to 256 cells) and clocks (from 0 to 5 clocks). Drum events don't have a gate time. For these events could be change only start clock.


When selected the single cell you can change start clock and gate time only for this cell (or only start clock for drum event cell). When track is selected will be changing start clock and gate time for events, number of which is equal to the step change.

Shift of the event is applied to note and automation controller together. When automation and note events placed in the same cell MIDI messages are sent to the automation controller first and then for note.

Step change starts from cell with number which defined by buttons "Start cell 1" - "Start cell 4" and next cell defined by buttons "Next step +1" - "Next step +4".

For example when select buttons "Start cell 2" and "Next step +2" will change all even-numbered cells.

Hint: Simple way to adding a "Swing" (or "Shuffle") to the track it is change start clock for even-numbered cells. When select default step buttons "Start cell 2" and "Next step +2" you need to select swing range by buttons "Shift clock 0.0" (straight rhythm) - "Shfit clock 0.5" (maximum swing).

Random shift:

More creative component adds by buttons "Random gate" and "Random shift". For random change start clock or gate time clocks select one of these buttons and select range of change by buttons "Gate time 0.2" - "Gate time 1.0" or "Shift clock 0.1" - "Shift clock 0.5". Buttons "Gate time 0.1" and "Shift clock 0.0" don't make random changes.

Adjusting gate time:

Buttons "Gate +1.0" and "Gate -1.0" increase and decrease cells in gate time of current cell or cells in track (in accordance with step changes). Buttons "Gate +0.1" and "Gate -0.1" increase and decrease clocks in gate time.

Button "Reset clock" sets the start clock to 0 for current cell or cells in track (in accordance with step changes) and adds clocks in gate time to complete cell. 

Hint: All of these changes can be made at pattern playback mode and immediately listen to the new rhythm.

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